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Jan Healthy Eating – Charlotte Palmer www.foodspecialist.co.uk
Nov Osteoporosis – Louise Sullivan of the National Osteoporosis Society www.nos.org.uk
Oct Healthy Home – Healthy You – Sylvia Bennett www.fengshui-living.com
Sep Tui Na and Acupuncture Sarah Pritchard www.healingpath.co.uk
Jul Annual General Meeting
Jun Present Moment – Wonderful Moment Wendy Furness http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/wendy-furness/26/92a/399
May Acupuncture – Mercedes Rosello www.healingwise.co.uk     www.acupuncture.org.uk
Apr Nightingale Community Hospice Trust & Complementary Therapies – Mary Rose and Vivian Jackson www.nightingalehospice.org.uk
Mar Podiatry Talk – Emma Supple www.supplefeet.com
Feb Colour Reflexology – Pauline Wills www.oracleschoolofcolour.com
Jan Influencing Skills for Creating Change and Moving Forward – Chris Markiewicz chris@fromtheheart.org.uk
Nov Chiropractic – Kevin Leizer www.cheshunt-chiro.co.uk
Oct Indian Head Massage – Stress Relief for the 21st Century – Jane Waller www.jwhealinghands.co.uk
Sept The Benefits of Meditation for M.E. and related conditions – Linda Hall www.resourcefulnessmeditation.com
July The Joy of Stress – Kate Connell & Stephen Fox www.connellfoxcoaching.co.uk
June What is Cranial Osteopathy? – Connie Mansueto Greenside Osteopaths   01992 814620
May Amatsu Therapy – Balancing Your Body & Float in Your Walk – Ann Russell  www.the-acorn-clinic.co.uk
Apr Colour as an Aid for Today’s Challenges – Lilian Verner-Bonds www.iac-colour.co.uk/lillianvernerbonds
Mar Our Families, Ourselves – Introduction to Family Constellations-Jen Altman jennifer@bodyknowledge.plus.com
Feb NeuroLinguistic Programming and The Lightning Process – Glenn Bassett www.lightningprocess.com/
Jan Treating Stress with Oriental Medicine – John Maxwell www.back2balance.info
Nov Self Empowerment for Success – Charlotta Hughes www.bemelifecoaching.com
Oct Emotional Freedom Technique – a powerful tool for change – Iain Petrie
Sept Hypnopuncture – Paul Haynes and Alex Owen www.hypnopuncture.co.uk/paul_haynes.htm
July How Pilates and Massage can Help with Rehabilitation – Maria McGrath Mobile 07932 741111
June What Shape Is Your Time In? – Jo Green www.timeforme.co.uk
May Resolving Conflicts at Home or at Work – Chris Markiewicz chris@fromtheheart.org.uk
Apr Cranial Osteopathy  –  Connie Mansueto Greenside Osteopaths   01992 814620
Mar Introduction to Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine-Doctor Bin Gu www.asante-academy.com/
Feb Metamorphic Tecnique & the Universal Principles – Gaston Saint-Pierre www.metamorphicassociation.org
Jan Autogenic Training – A Self Help Approach to Health – Dr Ann Bowden www.autogenic-therapy.org.uk
Nov Reflexology For Everyone – Valerie De Mornay Davies valeriedmd@aol.com
Oct Stress Management – Lindsay West www.lwcs.co.uk
Sept An Introduction to Sound Therapy – Sarah Lower & Storme Watson www.earthsong.co.uk
July “Our Purpose in Being Here” – Personal Development – Graham Browne www.soulpurpose.org.uk
June The Benefits of using Acupuncture with Physiotherapy – Caroline Kunzler www.oakwoodphysio.co.uk
May Back To Balance- a Holistic Approach to Health using Tao Yin – John Maxwell www.back2balance.info
Apr Introduction to Pilates / Core Stability – Maria McGrath Mobile 07932 741111
Mar Integrated Medicine in Obstetrics & Gynaecology – Miss Amali Lokugamage www.integratedmedic.com
Feb Introduction to Life Coaching and NLP – Lena Fenton www.lenafenton.com
Jan Dynamic Healing : Integrating Spiritual Healing with Psychotherapy – Delcia McNeill www.themcneilpartnership.com
Nov The benefits of working with Aromatherapy and Biodynamic Massage in conjunction with Orthodox Medicine – Jo Green www.timeforme.co.uk
Oct The Bowen Technique – Effie Rahs www.bter.org
Sept “Stripping Away The Dross” – Personal Development – Graham Browne www.soulpurpose.org.uk
July Fitness Pilates – Claire Sewell
June Introduction to Rosen Method Bodywork – Ingrid-Maria Nordgren www.rosenmethod.co.uk
May Healing Touch – The Art of Indian Head Massage – Jane Waller www.jwhealinghands.co.uk
Apr Colour in the Environment for Health & Well-Being – Lilian Verner-Bonds www.iac-colour.co.uk/lillianvernerbonds
Mar Fitness for All – Norman Munson
Feb Transforming Yourself with Hypnotherapy – Carole Murray www.hypnoticresources.co.uk
Jan Dietary Dilemmas – Weighing Up Some of the Issues – Jill Tyrrell jpthomeopath@aol.com
Nov Aromatherapy – Chris Gooch chris_gooch17@hotmail.com
Oct Headaches & Migraines : Natural Management – Robert Hawkins www.sports-physiotherapy.co.uk
Sept Healing as a therapy within the NHS by Angie Buxton-King www.angiebuxton-king.com
July Body Journeys – Jen Altman jennifer.altman@boltblue.com
June Right 4 You – Individualised Nutrition & Herbal Medicine – Carole Symons www.health-insight.co.uk
May Many Happy Returns – The Significance of Birthdays in Our Lives – Graham Browne www.soulpurpose.org.uk
Apr Self Help Reflexology  –  Linda Levine
Mar Positive Ageing  –  Shan Rees shanharmony@aol.com
Feb Shiatsu  –  Les Bowyer
Jan Success in the Work You Were Born to Do  –  Nick Williams www.dreambuilderscommunity.com


Cranial Osteopathy  –  Connie Mansueto Greenside Osteopaths   01992 814620
Oct Understanding and Working with the Human Energy Field  –  Steve Nobel www.stevenobel.com
Sep The Impact of a Butterfly’s Wing ( personal development )  –  Graham Browne www.soulpurpose.org.uk
July Back In Action – Causes and Cures of Back Pain  –  Robert Hawkins www.sports-physiotherapy.co.uk
June Introduction to Psychodrama  –  Malka Bellamy
May Dru Yoga  – Therapeutic Yoga for maintaining health  –  Dr Helena Waters www.druyoga.com/
Apr Being A Leader In Your Own Life  –  Steve Nobel www.stevenobel.com
Mar No Need To Suffer with Allergies  –  Sylvia Bennett www.fengshui-living.com
Feb Australian Bush Flower Remedies  –  Sarah Peacock
Jan Winter Ailments & Treatment  –  Keats Complementary Clinic www.keatshealth.co.uk