An Integrated & Holistic Approach to Care
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The ECNH offers an integrated & holistic approach to health care, by treating the whole person’s physical, mental, emotional & spiritual states. We believe that prevention is even more crucial than cure. Our emphasis is on promoting & maintaining optimal health. This is achieved by encouraging people to recognise the choices they have & find the best ways of helping themselves to live enjoyable, happy & fulfilled lives. Our main aim is to create an integrated centre where the emphasis is on providing patients with real choice in the critical health decisions they take. We will achieve this by:


  • Establishing purpose built premises, which will serve as a unique focal point for integrated health in Enfield.
  • Providing appropriate treatment rooms for a variety of registered & qualified complementary therapists to practise.
  • Ensuring these practitioners work as a team to assess patients;
  • Provide the best blend of treatment in each case and work closely with doctors & other medical staff to ensure treatment is integrated.
  • Making available a wide choice of treatments for all patients, either within the NHS or as private self referral.


ECNH supporters have been working hard to further these objectives for over a decade, and in 2006 achieved charitable status. Every year the demand for complementary therapies increases, & evidence of the benefits is steadily being gathered by such national organisations as the Foundation for Integrated Health and the Research Council for Complementary Medicine. -The NHS increasingly works closely with complementary therapists- as demonstrated by the Cherry Lodge Cancer Centre in Barnet, & the recently opened Helen Rollason Centre at the North Middlesex Hospital. It seems likely that the final move to full integration will not be too far in the future.

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