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Homeopathy: British Homeopathic Association

In 1997 a total of 89 double blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trials on humans were included in an analysis of the efficacy of homeopathic treatment. The results supported a significant statistical difference between the homeopathic and placebo elements. Since 1997 trials in four specific conditions; childhood diarrhoea, hayfever, post operative ileus and rheumatoid arthritis, provided support for the treatment effectiveness of homeopathy.


What Doctors Don’t Tell You

MRSA can be caught anywhere, not just in hospitals. People at risk are those in frequent close contact with others in a group e.g. footballers. People who have transient ischaemic attacks have a higher risk of developing glucose intolerance and diabetes. Britons suffer high levels of non restorative sleep
(i.e. sleep throughout the night but wake unrefreshed). Main causes seem to be stress, anxiety, and bipolar and depressive disorders.


British Medical Journal Research

A trial in Devon of 194 people, concluded that there was a significant reduction in osteoarthritic pain of the hip and knee when people were wearing magnetic bracelets.

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